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Hunt for the sales unicorn

Scaling sales for your tech business in 2020.

Are you trying to find a sales unicorn for your tech business?

Many Kiwi tech companies dream of unicorn status, but need marketing and sales of the same quality as their technological innovations to realise it. The driving question is how to increase sales. ‘Unicorn’ salespeople are part of the mix, but as rare beasts are very hard to find. If you are lucky enough to capture one, they turn out to be very expensive. Download this eBook to learn more about how to find the sales unicorn.

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Instead of hunting for a sales unicorn, a more practical approach is to grow one of your own. Our eBook outlines the fundamental philosophy of improving sales productivity and performance, and the steps to get there.


Transitioning from founder-led sales to scalable selling

What typically happens is that founders or senior executives tend to sell to new customers, because they’re the ones with all the knowledge and insight. When a dedicated salesperson is hired, tech businesses make the mistake of hunting for a unicorn.


Sales efficiency from indirect lead generation

A better way to look at the challenge of driving new business is to take a classic ‘engineering’ approach. i.e., break the sales problem down and develop a solution that fits.


Growing your own efficient sales unicorn

The idea is to focus on talented people that can work within a bigger ‘machine’ of selling. They can constantly learn and improve, and ultimately work towards becoming a sales unicorn in their own right.


Seven steps to building a sales machine

The practical seven steps to putting this system into place including focusing on the role within a defined process, supporting with quality leads and a suite of productivity tools to improve efficiency and increase visibility to results.

The solution is to recruit talented, junior salespeople and supporting them with a finely tuned sales machine. It’s that approach that will enable you to scale your sales, while hopefully growing some sales unicorns of your own.

About the Author

As the Managing Director of Concentrate, Owen has extensive experience in the New Zealand technology industry, in technical, sales and marketing roles. Owen was recently appointed as a HubSpot Master Trainer – the first and only one in New Zealand.

His career has been focussed on helping businesses successfully develop, use or commercialise technology-based products and services. This includes periods working in the United Kingdom and the USA.

He analyses the sales and marketing benchmarks for Concentrate's annual Market Measures report, with insights from numerous New Zealand technology companies, and comparison data from their USA counterparts.

Currently, Owen's focus lies with implementing sales CRM systems to align sales and marketing activity for Concentrate and it's clients. 

Sales Efficiency expert

Owen Scott

Director, Founder and Sales Efficiency expert at Concentrate

Unicorn - 3D cover (1)