Hunting like a pack

When it comes to sales techniques, it’s all about working as an efficient team

Kiwi tech businesses need to move away from the ‘lone wolf’ sales techniques and learn to hunt as a pack.

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some essential Sales techniques in this guide:

  • Understand what a lone wolf is and why you need to move away from it
  • Update your sales techniques so that you can transform the efficiency of selling your tech product
  • Understand your customers and their buying journey.
  • Recognise the importance of providing useful and insightful content to your customers.


Rather than relying on a talented sales person to do everything from finding prospects to securing a sale, Kiwi tech businesses need to update their sales technique and form an efficient, ‘pack’ approach. The idea is to use online tactics so that your marketing team can find, nurture and qualify sales leads for the sales team to convert to customers.


Understanding the ‘lone wolf’ problem

A ‘lone wolf’ sales person is a talented, driven person who often achieves amazing results. The problem is that their cost of sales is high relative to the value of the product they are selling. Not only that, but the company becomes very vulnerable to the quality of their sales staff. If they can’t recruit and retain star performers, it has a massive effect on the company’s revenue.


Understanding your customers

Everyone’s online these days. And it’s where your potential customers are doing their research when they’re deciding how they’re going to invest in tech solutions. It’s essential that your digital approach is one that will engage potential customers, because if you’re not providing them with useful information online, you’re simply not part of a crucial conversation.


The right content, the right tools

Understanding the buyer’s journey is essential to developing the kind of content that will attract and engage them. As mentioned above, you also need to be crystal clear about who your audience is and what primary need your product is addressing. Then you need the right tools to disseminate that content, as well as keeping track of potential leads.


Getting into it

There are 5 signs that you’re ready to ‘attack’ in this way, and if you can tick those boxes you’re on the path to updating your sales techniques from the lone wolf to the pack approach. With a marketing strategy that can support your sales team, and their sales techniques, they can hunt efficiently as a ruthless pack.

list of contents

  • Introduction to Hunting like a pack
  • Understanding the lone wolf problem
  • Understanding your customers and how they buy
  • Attracting customers with the right content.
  • How to effectively utilise technology to market your product
  • How to move up the food chain in the technology industry

about the author

A former senior manager in various sales and marketing roles at Jade Software Corporation, Greg has worked as a consultant for government and corporate public relations firms.  Most of his career has been focussed on helping tech companies market and sell their innovations.

 He analyses the sales and marketing benchmarks for Concentrate's annual Market Measures report, with insights from numerous New Zealand technology companies, and comparison data from their USA counterparts.

Currently, Greg's focus lies with implementing sales CRM systems to align sales and marketing activity for Concentrate and it's clients. 

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greg williamson

Director, Founder and Sales Efficiency expert at Concentrate


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Selling electronic products into over 40 countries through a complex channel is a huge challenge. Concentrate understand this and bring us real insights into sharpening our strategy and using online technology to connect with our whole supply chain.

Brent Archer
CEO, AuCom Electronics

Concentrate has helped us get momentum, driving online lead generation and using their deep experience in the tech sector to provide quality advice.

Chris Youngman
Sales and Marketing Director, Pivot software

We needed alignment between sales and marketing. Also, we were collecting leads from multiple sources, but we didn’t have a repository for them all.

Penny Bateman
Marketing Manager, Wyma Solutions