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Partnering advice for Kiwi tech companies

Webinar recorded on 3 May 2017

Tim Howell (Offshoot Consulting) and Greg Williamson (Concentrate) hosted this webinar to support our eBook on partnering for Kiwi tech companies.

Partnering is a tried and tested strategy for tech companies to grow their business. Our 2016 Market Measures report showed us that there is a positive relationship between using a reseller or distributor, and high turnover growth, which makes us ask why aren't more Kiwi tech companies using partnering as a strategy?

This webinar breaks down best practice strategies for Kiwi tech companies looking to develop effective partnerships.

We discuss:

  • Whether you are actually ready for a partner
  • How to find that perfect match
  • Aligning expectations with your partner
  • Maximising your relationship

This webinar is useful for:

  • New Zealand technology company owners
  • New Zealand technology company marketing managers
  • New Zealand technology company CEOs
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Greg Willamson 


  • Experienced tech marketing professional
  • Has worked on projects with exporters from the software, electronics, engineering, medical device and specialised manufacturing sectors
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Tim Howell

(Offshoot Consulting)

  • Years of tech marketing experience
  • Has a background in tech start-ups in both B2C and B2B within New Zealand and globally
  • Helped advise several start-ups on their go to market strategy